One of my many tasks with writing a blog and working for a food business, is to take photos.  When I was about 10, my step-father handed me his camera, and the rest was history!  I loved taking photos, random sGarlic Confit Completehots of just about anything.  I had my own Kodak Brownie, and used it frequently.  These were the old film cameras with lenses that had no special requirements.  But with the SLR, I was able to frame, focus, adjust exposure and more.  I was in love with the camera.  It wasn’t until the late ’90’s when I got my first SLR, a Canon A1, with two lenses, a standard 50mm and a Tamron zoom lens.  But the costs of film, and developing made it an expensive hobby, so I didn’t devote as much time and effort to learning the camera and techniques.

I have now embraced the digital age.  I am a devotee of Canon and currently use and own a variety of bodies, lenses, and other Canon products.  I also have a love for an early Sony digital camera with add-on lenses, an early GoPro that makes the most incredible video, a Canon video camera that I use fapplesor making food videos, and a Canon SX20IS Powershot that has been an incredible stepping stone into the next level of Canon products.  My favorite rig at the moment is am older Canon 7D with a Tamron zoom lens.  This I also use a Canon 100mm macro lens frequently for some of the more detailed food photos.

Since I am not a perfect photographer, I use editing software.  Adobe, of course makes great editing software for digital cameras, and I use Lightroom.  It is a very powerful and extremely user friendly tool for editing.  For video, I have returned to Avid’s Pinnacle Studio.  I had used it for several years, but decided to try Adobe Premier and returned to Pinnacle. There are so many more options for great videos and incorporating more technology that it was hard toNo mom you can't have the chair2 go backward in time.

As the website has been rebuilt, I felt it was time to add a page for photos.  I can’t draw or paint, so the photos have been a great way to get into visual arts.  Learning more about food styling as well, has helped me with the vision for the recipes as much as the food.  It is very detailed, and for someone like me, who loves the details, it has been a great blessing to have the opportunity to play with my food!  Just by looking at the photos, I can see the progress I have made in creating the images.  Please enjoy, and please don’t steal!

Fried sweet and russet with onion pepper eggs 2    Easy Grilled Chicken  LD Goat close up    Making burgers6  Mint cupcakes2  Pot Roast 6  Texas Oranges 1  squash blossom ant-1  Spinach 1  Pork Tenderloin-1  Lola 1