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It’s not a secret that I love a good cocktail on occasion. Usually reserved for times with guests, I enjoy working on new and creative ways to sip some cool adult beverages. There a few items that will make your cocktails prettier. Having good gear makes a bar go from a cobbled mess to looking sleek and professional. You’ll look like you know what you’re doing!

Bar Gear

The Blender is one of my personal necessities not only for cocktails, but a s great tool for multiple uses in my kitchen. I bought a Vitamix several years ago, and it’s the best blender I’ve ever used and the only one I’ll ever need. It’s the perfect bar tool for delicious frozen cocktails and for the occasional chocolate shake or smoothies.

A Shaker

I used to mix cocktails in a glass. But at some point I decided to get a cocktail shaker. Who doesn’t love watching someone shake a tumbler of ice and booze and strain it into a chilled glass? And I use more than I had expected. Sometimes, cocktails need chilling without being overly diluted by melting ice while sipping. This stainless steel version is simple, with a good strainer and larger size for more than one or two libations. However, if you prefer a smaller shaker for space concerns try this Oxo Plastic Shaker, at 16 ounces will fit into smaller spaces. It includes a jigger cap for measuring and a strainer top. And the price is right!


Margarita – Putting a cocktail into the correct glass is all about a beautiful presentation. This set of margarita glasses from Epure Firenze is a perfect choice for a small get-together. But if you need more, try out the classic glasses from Libbey. The set of 12 is a great price, which is always a positive.

High Ball A high ball glass is a classic rocks glass, something for those two or three ingredient cocktails. I have some favorites. This fun gift idea for the cigar lovers is one of my favorites! The Corkcicle Double Old Fashion glass is made of high quality glass molded with an insert for a cigar. But if you don’t want the cigar notch, go back to the basics. This set of 6 whiskey glasses from Luxu is a perfect choice for sipping bourbon, whiskey, or my choice, high quality tequila, Reposado, please!

Tom Collins This is not a necessity, and a good multi-tasker is what you probably really need. This basic Libbey tumbler is perfect for cocktails on the rocks and a nice water glass.

Looking for something light refreshing and fun?  Look no further!  From classics to new recipes, this is the place for libations.

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