Dinner, supper, or whatever you call the traditional evening meal is the place where most people spend the most time daily food preparation. It’s also where we spend the most money. Getting it done for many people is more of a chore than a joy.

For me, making the evening meal for my family has been both. When I was a mom at home, the joy to chore was in phases. Sometimes I loved it, sometimes I it was approached with complete dread. This is where planning and lists became incredibly important, especially as a single parent with kids participating in after school activities. Now as a single adult, I rarely have a plan, but can make something for my meals pretty fast with the food in the house.

My dishes in the dinner category are tried and true. Most, I make on a pretty regular basis. Probably number one is crispy skin chicken. I love the combination of the lemon, saffron and potato, and the crunch of a crisp and salty chicken skin. Sometimes I think I should just roast the skins!