Everyone likes to shop and get great recommendations for products.  This is the place to visit for my favorites, and maybe a random cat video.  If you buy something from a link on my site I may be paid by the seller.  If it’s a link I added, it’s a product I use, have tested, or recommend in some other way.  Yes, I recommend the Mercer Genesis Santuko knife.  It’s my favorite!  I started out with the Mercer 8 inch chef’s knife.  With the beating my hands take in the kitchen, a comfortable handle and solid blade and balance are extremely important for all of my tools.  Over several years, I have preferred the Mercer knives over many others and more expensive knives.  And honestly, I don’t feel guilty about any abuse these knives are subjected to.  They can take the heat of a sanitizing cycle in a commercial dishwasher, and they hold the edge longer than most of the other knives I’ve used.  They are very well made, durable, and affordable.  My most recent purchase was the Mercer Genesis 6 piece forged knife block.  The tempered glass and steel design is sleek and a good fit in my home kitchen.  And all Mercer products come with a full warranty.  But you probably won’t need it!

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