Since I now have a Kindle, books are better and easier than ever before. Of course I have a large library of cookbooks, but I have other interests, and lots of great books about entrepreneurship. I will do my best to categorize them as well.

First up, if you don’t have one get one.  Even my atheist friends keep a copy around.  It’s the best selling book of all time, the Holy Bible.  I have several versions, but the first was a Revised Standard Version that I got in Sunday School after reciting the first books of the bible.  It has loads of reference material including glossaries and maps.  Others include a King James version, which is my current favorite, a Catholic Study Bible, a Living Bible, which seems to lose context for me, and for Kindle, an English Standard and a Geneva Bible, which was the Pilgrim’s Bible, and is associated with the Reformation.  Why so many?  Because the context of the language is meaningful, and oftentimes, I will read something, and need further clarification, which may occur from a different translation.  And because they are edited by different groups and committees, in the case of the Revised Standard, my old copy had a few verses deleted.  The most complete version is the Catholic Study Bible, which includes a few books not included in the standard Protestant versions.  I also have multiple dictionaries for the same reasons.  Words are important, and phrasing is even more important when expressing a point.

After many years of study, I’m looking for a good copy of the Apocryapha. Leaving anything out of God’s word is difficult for me to understand. But, possibly, controlling the masses rather than teaching was the goal. This version is the winner so far, but I will keep looking.