Basic Brine
This a recipe I have been using for years. Anytime proteins can dry out while cooking, I use a brine. This is a basic recipe and can be done in ratios. I usually use one quarter of this recipe for 4 chicken breasts, but will double it for a 16 pound turkey. Other goodies can be added to infuse flavors, and my turkey brine is loaded with herbs, spices, and fruit, and cooked, then cooled before the turkeys get a bath. More work, but worth the effort. Four chicken breasts only need about 30 minutes to brine; anything more than an hour and the chicken will be mushy. Always use cold water, and refrigerate while the chicken is in the brine.

1 Cup kosher salt
1 cup sugar, turbinado or raw sugar is recommended
1 gallon very cold water
Combine ingredients in an over sized container and stir until the salt and sugar are dissolved. Add the protein, chicken or turkey breasts and brine for one hour. Drain liquid, rinse the meat and cook as desired.